Spare parts for Gearbox and Differential

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Technological Accumulation & Innovation


 Our company has already replaced all ordinary machining facilities with precision CNC equipments, in which we are pioneering in China by adopting the world’s advanced CNC Worm Wheel Gear Grinding technology, and we have also improved the grinding wheel dressing method by independent innovation.

Precision batch measuring tool for Differential Spiders, it can show the tolerance of squareness and flatness accurately and conveniently at batch production. With advanced facility of centre hole drilling and grinding, innovations of straightening and other techniques, our productions of Differential Spider already reaches the top grade in China, best production grade: squareness and flatness within 0.03mm.

The innovation in Centerless Grinding improved the machining efficiency / quality and the production appearance of multidiameter Shaft.
Representative Production: Planet pin.

Newly purchased super precision lathe at 2011, then the batch machining grade reached IT5 by turning, the surface roughness of the steel parts reached Ra0.2μm without of grinding.
Representative Production: Thrust Ring

Not only the advanced equipments and unremitting technique innovating, but also lots of CNC precision testing tools and equipments guarantee the quality again, such as: CNC Teeth Inspect Centre, 3 Coordinate measuring instrument, Vacuum direct reading spectrometer, Surface roughness test instrument, Metalloscope and so on.

We are possessed of the ability of parts design, drawing, and constructed the drawings database; advanced equipments, unceasingly experience accumulating and innovations of technic; and the staffs in our team, eager to progress and active in innovation.

To be better than the best, that is our principle while supplying higher quality productions and providing satisfying services to our clients. Thank you!